Blue Mano Affiliate Program

Refer customers to Blue Mano and earn 20% revenue with every single purchase they make. Discover how to start earning stable revenue today.


Earn 20% Commission 

Blue Mano pays you 20% from the orders made by customers referred via the Blue Mano Affiliate Program.

Every Purchase Counts

Earn commission on any product that referred customers buy from Blue Mano. 

Earn Lifetime Revenue

Referred customers will bring you income forever and this offer has no time limitations.

How do I get started referring customers?

In order to start earning revenue with the Blue Mano Affiliate Program, you need to start referring customers to Blue Mano using the special affiliate link.


Join Blue Mano Affiliate Program using platform.


After registration, you will see a unique referral link that you share with your customers via your marketing channels.


If a visitor clicks on your link on your page, that person will be redirected to


Whenever the referred customer makes an order via your affiliate link, it is recorded as your referred sale and you receive 20% of the revenue.


You receive affiliate commission payouts via PayPal/Check/Wire.

We track the account sales via your affiliate link using the ShareAsale Platform. Once your referred customer successfully purchased using your affiliate link, we are able to track all purchases and credit them to you as your sale.

Why Join Our Affiliate Program

Unique Features

Blue Mano provides superior features and premier service to our affiliates.

Accurate Reporting

View in depth commission, click, and payout reports with live reporting.

Easy to Use

Our program is simple to set up and start promotion.

Competitive Commission

Large conversion of every sale goes into your pocket

Flexible Plans

Promote on your own time, in your own creative way.

Account Manager

Someone to answer all your questions

Blue Mano Affiliate Program FAQs

How much money can I make with this affiliate program?

How much you make depends on the number of orders from new customers - but there is no limit. The answer is, it depends on you!

What do I need to do to become an affiliate?

Very easy, create your account within minutes. Use your unique referral link and share it on your posts, emails, description, and website banners. If someone orders a product using your link, you will earn 20% of the total value of the basket (tax not included).

Does a purchase have to happen immediately?

No, with API tracking and cookies we can accurately track your referrals even after the first click. Whenever a visitor purchases a product on the site within 90 days of the initial click, you receive the credit and the commission.

Can I promote your affiliate program through PPC (pay-per-click)?

Yes, of course. PPC is a very popular means of promotion. However, we do not allow our affiliates to bid on branded terms. These include: [choose brand keywords below]

Bluemano, Bluemano products, and any other obvious variations.

If you are found to have broken this rule, you will be immediately banned from our affiliate program.

How can I increase my earnings as an affiliate?

Besides PPC there are several ways to earn more revenue with the affiliate program

  • Create a “How to” Guide - setting up the product, using the product in multiple ways
  • Engaging page viewers with surveys, this or that polls, commenting on your post, etc. More engagement by profile viewers is better for the platform algorithm and builds a connection between viewers to you and the brand!
  • Design custom banners that target your audience.
  • Add the link in multiple formats (buttons, links, pop ups, photos) throughout your page.
  • Write a comparative review highlighting why this brand/product is your choice.

Ready to Join Our Affiliate Program?

Sign up for our affiliate program today. Within minutes you can create your affiliate account for Blue Mano. Do it now and start earning money!

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